(7) Grout day

September 10, 2011

I am almost finished with the Butterfly Project installation. I have two butterflies left to grout and half of the project sign.

Today's grouting progress...

© Helen Nock
© 2011 Stef Lach
© 2011 James Olson
© 2011 Valerie Hornby

© 2011 Cindi Buhrig
© 2011 Lori Frank

© 2011 Robin Indar
© Linda Biggers
© Debs McLaughlin

I will have everything grouted and the last remaining butterflies added to the wall by the end of this week.

Custom made butterflies

The kids that visit the Calusa Nature Center are very curious about how the butterflies were created so I've decided to make two small butterflies using kid submitted artwork.

The process will showcase how simple sketches can be translated into mosaic and the finished butterflies will get their own spot on the wall or a column when I have some time to finish them.

5 year old Brody submitted this hand drawn butterfly.

© Brody Lozeau

And a 10 year old submitted this one.

I haven't started working on these yet but I will get to them at some point in the future. I still have 2 butterflies that need to be installed on the wall and a shipment of about 10 butterflies that I am waiting for from a mosaic studio that participated.

Looks like this is going to be an ongoing project.

Today's notes and nature pics

There were volunteers at the center weeding over the last week and the butterfly garden was cleared out when I returned today. I came across this beautiful stained glass stepping stone hiding in the middle of the garden.

I also happened upon a Gopher Tortoise that was living in the alligator enclosure. I looked for him a few times since I've been at the Calusa Nature Center but couldn't find him. Today I walked along the back of the fence and spotted him outside of his burrow.

He went right back into his hole when I tried to take his picture!

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of this beautiful hibiscus flower growing in the garden alongside Buffalo Bill's enclosure.

Sulcata Tortoises are attracted to bright colors and they love Hibiscus flowers so this might account for him pacing around in the corner near these plants.

That color is indescribable.

Just a few more pics to go and then I'll start writing the press release to send to local papers.

If you are a participating artist, please feel free to write one and send it along to your local papers. The more attention public art gets, the better!

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