(6) Grout day!

September 9, 2011

I grouted a handful of butterflies today, as well as adding some of the smaller filler flies to the walls and attaching a sign for the mural to the main wall.

Here is today's grouting progress...

© 2011 Marie Cashion
Artist Michele Follger's butterfly (shown below) is the largest butterfly in the mural. Almost 10 inches from top to bottom!
© 2011 Michele Follger
© 2011 Susan Turlington
© 2011 Jessey Lucas
© 2011 Cindy White
© 2011 Doreen Bell
© 2011 Francesca de Lorme
© 2011 Shirley Fralick
I added a few small filler flies to the walls. The one pictured below were donated by artist Ann Shaver.

© 2011 Eve Lynch
Last week I received the alphabet tiles that I ordered from Mosaic Monkey on Etsy and early this week I spiced them up with a checkered blue and white border and added some butterflies and leaves.

© 2011 Eve Lynch
I installed them on the main wall this afternoon. I'll grout the sign tomorrow.

© 2011 Eve Lynch
© 2011 Eve Lynch

Today's notes

  • I was visited by a local Yoga instructor who stopped in to talk about the project. She was inspired by the butterflies and really "got" the whole purpose of the installation. It was refreshing to speak to someone who was so positive and welcoming. 
  • A 10 year old visitor drew me a butterfly for the project. I'll be using his sketch as one of the examples for the Buy-a-Butterfly Program and will eventually convert it to mosaic for the wall.

  • Instead of animal pics, today I snapped a few photographs of an interesting plant growing inside the Butterfly Aviary. 

That's it for today's progress. More pics soon.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Eve,

    What a great page! This is the first time I have had an opportunity to take a look at it and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's butterflies on the wall. Wonderful job and thanks for recording and posting the project process here!


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