The Butterfly Project emblem

August 14, 2011

I finished up the emblem for the butterfly mural today.

It's about 7 inches in diameter and is made with stained glass, lots of lime green millefiori and plastic alphabet beads (I got the idea from artist Cecilia Kremer's butterfly). The butterfly body is made with a dichroic glass cab that I cut into sections and the two bottom wings are made with iridescent glass.

The Butterfly Project emblem © Eve Lynch

I'll be adding this to the side wall (shown below)... there is a small area in the center that I left open for it.

Installing it in the midst of the butterflies will give visitors some idea of how the mural got there and it serves as a permanent calling card for the project.

I can't tell you how many mosaic installations I've run across that have no artist name anywhere on them...and that's just silly!

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