The making of a butterfly

August 2, 2011

One of the most common questions that a mosaic artist gets asked is, "So how long did that take you to make that?"

The answer usually varies depending on the size of the mosaic, the size of the pieces that make up the mosaic and even the type of material being used to create the mosaic...but generally it takes a few hours to hammer out even a small piece of art like the butterflies that you see represented in The Butterfly Project.

My largest butterfly, Bohemia, which is about 8 inches wide x 9 inches tall, took over 10 hours to complete and the smallest one, The Aztec God of Winged Creatures took roughly 2-3 hours to make.


Artist Cindy White took some photos of her butterfly as she was creating it.  Here's a peek into how things work...

Step 1

Cindy selected & sketched out her butterfly design and chose the stained glass that she would use for the mosaic.

Step 1 © Cindy White

Step 2

She taped her butterfly design to stiff cardboard and covered the sketch with plastic wrap to prevent the glued glass pieces from sticking to the cardboard base. Then she taped a piece of mosaic mesh over the plastic wrap and began gluing her stained glass tesserae according to her design.

Step 2 © Cindy White

Step 3

Working according to her sketch, Cindy finished gluing all of her stained glass to her design and completed her butterfly.

Step 3 © Cindy White

The finished mosaic is left taped to the cardboard. It is then sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard and taped securely for shipment.

When the mosaic butterfly arrives, I will remove it from the cardboard and cut away the excess mesh backing.

The butterfly is now ready for installation!

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