Made to order butterflies!

August 2, 2011

I've got two "made to order" butterflies in the works.

One was designed by Sarah Kraum, the former Education Director at the Calusa Nature Center.  Sarah is also an artist so she sketched out a butterfly that I will use as a pattern to make a mosaic version for the mural. It's inspired by Dumbo.

© Sarah Kraum
[UPDATE: Finished a bit of Dumbo...much more to go!]

© (designer) Sarah Kraum (mosaicist) Eve Lynch
[UPDATE 2: Completed Dumbo!]

© (designer) Sarah Kraum (mosaicist) Eve Lynch

The other was sketched by my 15 year old son Gator. I'm calling it a Dragonfly.

© Gator Lynch

Both of these will be relatively small but I'm swamped with all things butterfly so they will likely take a bit to get finished.

More butterfly donations are scheduled to fly in later today so check for updates.

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