On location at the Calusa Nature Center

I took some photos of the location where the butterflies are going to be installed. It's located under the main museum building near the Butterfly Aviary.

There is a small wall located at the base of the stairs that leads down from the outdoor area that houses the center's Touch Tank. It's the perfect size to feature about 20 of the butterflies...the remainder of them will go on the surrounding columns.

Before looking at the site today, I thought that the columns were raw concrete. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are painted white. It means that I don't have to worry about staining the columns with the black grout and that I don't have to tape around every single mosaic when I get to the end.

Have a look around...

The columns under the main museum building

This is the wall that I am planning on installing a large grouping of the butterflies on. The nature center will be closed to the public next week when school starts on August 8th in order to do some beautification so I'm hoping I can get the remainder of that wall painted.

Main butterfly wall

Here's the wall at another angle. The stairs lead up to an outdoor area that houses the center's Touch Tank.

Here's yet another view of the same wall. The cage under the stairs is an animal enclosure (currently empty.) The Butterfly Aviary is located just to the left of this area.

More photos...

Manatee skeleton display area
Resident tortoise named Buffalo Bill


  1. Thanks for sharing these "before" pics! I look forward to seeing the "after" photos.

  2. No sticking any on Bill! Got b'flies on the brain - even typed in flutter for flickr!! Fabulous collection and site.
    You and all the b'flier's rock :)


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