The "Happy Gator" is ready to join the swarm!

August 25, 2011

The big alligator that I designed to go at the bottom of the butterfly cloud (see below) is finally ready to be installed.

© 2011 Eve Lynch

I completed the majority of the mosaic work today. He's in two large pieces so it will be easier to attach him to the wall. Really big pieces of mesh are awkward and tend to flop around a great deal so hopefully this will be a painless installation!

© 2011 Eve Lynch

I'll also be installing two butterflies that weren't ready when I was working on the other walls. My son's Dragon-fly and artist Danette Polglase's small butterfly.

I'll also be grouting the remainder of the butterflies as time allows.

Press Alert!

The word is that the local newspaper, the News Press, was at the Calusa Nature Center yesterday and took some photographs of the butterflies. Some mention of the project should be in the Tropicalia section soon.

Wink News is also slated to be at the center in the upcoming week.

I'll post links to any and all press related to the project as soon as I get the details!

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