(19) Butterfly donations

August 13, 2011

Today I received Annette Simpson's brilliant butterfly titled "Georgie-fly".

I'm dubbing it "G-Money"...

How fantastic is this?!

"Georgie-fly" © Annette Simpson

I'll add him to the queue and plan on putting him into the mix sometime this coming week.

I also received two mosaic butterflies from artist Valerie Hornby from Canada. Valerie donated artwork for my last collaborative art installation at the Messina Center in Fort Myers.

© Valerie Hornby

© Valerie Hornby

Yesterday I worked on the large alligator that will be added to the base of the main butterfly cloud. He'll be about 3 foot long, give or take.

© Eve Lynch
happy gator © Eve Lynch

The big orange eyeball is actually a fused glass cabochon sent to me by artist Deborah Lewis from Stuff from the Bunker Art Studio. It was a necklace but the little butterfly detail in the center was just too perfect to not use here.

It makes the happy gator look like he is "star struck" from all of the beautiful butterflies swarming above him. I still have a ton of work to get him completed so he probably won't be part of the mural until the end of August.

More progress photos coming next week.

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  1. Oh! Love the gator already! The eye is perfect! And you got your web address in, good girl! Love the glass you used for him, too. What a fabulous project this is!


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