(18) Butterfly donations

August 11, 2011

I had a bundle of packages waiting for me when I got home. The idea of more and more coming makes me a bit nervous!

Today I received artist Cheri Bosela's donations. She sent the most amazing frogger-fly plus several more butterfly mosaics. Look at all that mille!

© Cheri Bosela
© Cheri Bosela
Inspired by the Florida Gators...

© Cheri Bosela

© Cheri Bosela
Cheri's sister Darlene Tsen also created one for the project...

© Darlene Tsen
Artist Jessica Sanders donated these butterflies made with stained glass and beads.

Beadiful Butterfly on its way...
© Jessica Sanders

UK artist Kate Rattray and her daughter Daisy donated four butterflies made from stained glass, mirror and vitreous tile.

© Kate & Daisy Rattray
And artist Deb Lewis and her group of students and art studio instructors sent 13 butterflies in all.

© Deb Lewis, Michele Wilson, Paige Winans, Tracy Kiersztyn, Gerry Taylor, Kathi Deeter, Lori Geisler, Patricia Clark, Sharon Chitwood, Jeni Cook and Dawn Bailey

Still a few more to come...

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