(20) Butterfly donations

August 15, 2011

Butterflies are still trickling in. Four arrived today...

Artist Leonidas Yennadiou mailed a butterfly all the way from Cyprus, a tiny island in the Mediterranean. He titled his artwork the "Cypriot butterfly" - it's made with murano, bisazza, unglazed ceramic tile and millefiori.

© Leonidas Yennadiou

Artist Fresca de Lorme donated this charming little butterfly made from cut china, millefiori and glass.

Fresca's student Stef Lach also donated one. Stef's butterfly is made with an array of stained glass, mirror and glass marbles.

And last but not least, artist Elsbeth Morselt from The Netherlands donated this tongue-in-cheek butterfly made with stained glass, a fused glass cabochon and advertising art from the product, "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter"!

Is it a butterfly?
© Elsbeth Morselt

I know of one other butterfly that is in transit. The rest are on the walls!

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