(11) Butterfly donations

August 1, 2011

I spent a good portion of the afternoon trimming butterflies away from the mesh backing. This is definitely my least favorite aspect of the project, but a necessary one. I used latex gloves in the beginning of the process and then ditched them to do other things and never bothered to put them back on again. Big mistake! The insides of my fingers are feeling raw & prickly now.  


Four packages stuffed full of winged creatures arrived late in the afternoon. Here's what tumbled out of the boxes...

Artist Cindy White donated this butterfly made with stained glass and mirror. From the thumbnail it looks like a real butterfly!

© Cindy White
She also sent along 4 mini butterflies made with soda can pop tops and glass rods, inspired by her 4 year old grandson, Malachi David Yeager.

© Cindy White & Malachi David Yeager

Artist Amber Pierce donated two small butterflies made with handmade tile and stained glass. She used some heavy duty mesh for her mosaics. That stuff is bulletproof!

© Amber Pierce

Artist Debs McLaughlin, who participated in my last collaborative mosaic project at the J.H. Messina Children's Center, donated two more stained glass & mirror butterflies titled "Hot Tamale" and "Lagoon Blue". They flew in all the way from beautiful St. Lucia!

(The package had some lovely stamps attached that I will use for one of my paper collages some time in the future.)

Butterflies for Eve Lynch's butterfly installation in Fort Meyers Florida.
Hot Tamale & Lagoon Blue © Debs McLaughlin

And artist Ann (Snort) Shaver donated eleven (!) butterflies for the project. She has a habit of making mosaic chubacubras so I expected something unusual from her.

She donated this black and white skellyfly made with stained glass, glass gems and beads...

© Ann Shaver

...and this assortment of small butterflies made from little glass gems, ceramic leaf tiles and bits from vintage pins.

© Ann Shaver

I've received notice from several other artists that their submissions have been shipped so I should have a bunch more arriving in the coming days.

The deadline for the project is August 10th - just 9 days away!

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