(10) Butterfly donations

July 30, 2011

I arrived home this afternoon to find my mailbox stuffed full of butterflies from all over the country!

Artist Lin Schorr donated this beautifully iridescent butterfly made from stained glass.

butterfly  5.5"x 5.5"
© Lin Schorr

Artist Sarah Campbell donated this black, white and blue butterfly made with vitreous tile.

"Butterflies are Free"
© Sarah Campbell

And she also donated these two little "glow flies" made with glow-in-the-dark tiles (that you can buy at Rebel Tiles.) Cool, right?

© Sarah Campbell

Artist Eulavon Mallouf sent her "Starryfly" butterfly from Colorado. It's made with iridescent stained glass, and millefiori star beads.

© Eulavon Mallouf

Artist Michele Follger donated a large butterfly (the biggest one yet!) made with stained glass, colored mirror, millefiori and iridescent beads.

© Michele Follger

And last but not least, artist Lisa Fields Clark donated this shimmering butterfly made with stained glass, gold mirror, beads, glass gems and millefiori.

© Lisa Fields Clark

Many more are on their way!

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