(12) Butterfly donations

August 3, 2011

I completed a "made to order" butterfly from Sarah Kraum this afternoon. She sketched the design out and emailed me a copy and I rendered it in stained glass, mirror and millefiori slices.

It's based on the Disney character Dumbo. Cute huh?

© Sarah Kraum & Eve Lynch

I also received a butterfly from artist Carla Dake.

Her butterfly was made with scrap glass from an abandoned glass factory, the Levay Glass Factory in Illinois. She purchased the materials from Etsy seller Vivavivant, who bought the 85,000 square foot factory that used to be a schoolhouse...

It's a long story...you can learn more about it on the Facebook page, The Milton Schoolhouse.

Donated Butterfly
© Carla Dake

I also received two large butterflies made of stained glass from artist Kathleen Stewart.

Butterfly for Nature Center
© Kathleen Stewart

Butterfly for Nature Center
© Kathleen Stewart

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