(9) Butterfly donations

July 29, 2011

Two more butterflies flew in from Canada today. Artist Shirley Fralick created this large butterfly using stained glass, millefiori and flat backed marbles.

The Butterfly Project
© Shirley Fralick

She used No Days Mosaic Mesh to make these and reported that it was a bit difficult to work with. The mesh is coated with glue that has to be heated in order to bond with the glass. After looking it over I noticed that it is a bit rubbery in texture.

Her donations had a cute little zen tangle penned onto the outside of the parcel. (The butterfly below is made with stained glass and millefiori.)

I also finished two mini butterflies in between working on one of my commissions.

My neon Glam Rock butterfly (below) is made of stained glass, millefiori and has an orange mirrored body and a skull bead head.

Neon Glam Rock Butterfly © Eve Lynch

And I did another Glam Rock butterfly patterned after the Zebra Longwing Butterfly. You can't tell from my photo here but the dark glass is actually an iridescent fuchsia color with iridescent white glass stripes. It is accented with a dichroic bubble and millefiori slices.

This little girl will come to life when the sun catches her wings.

Fuchsia Glam Rock Butterfly © Eve Lynch

More butterflies are scheduled to be arriving soon. Stay tuned!

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