(14) Butterfly donations

August 5, 2011

A stack of butterfly donations came in today. Seven packages were hand delivered to me with a "thank you for your business" from the mailman.

How's that for customer service?

There's even a butterfly from Russia in that stack! Check out the blue box.

Artist Jean Conner made butterflies with a group of friends and sent a big box filled with 13 mosaics! Here's what was included with her shipment...

© Jean Conner
© Kari Johnson
© Darcy Kane
© Sharon Olson
© Sharon Olson
© James Olson
© Kristi & Kathryn Reimer
© Sharon Olson
© Beth Wiirre
© Jessie Kuhlman
© Jana Urbaniak
© Candace Frantz
© Becky Walker
That's a lot of butterflies!

Artist Silva Hayes sent along four more small butterflies to fill in gaps in the mural. She already donated three beautiful butterflies two weeks ago. The ones below are made with stained glass (some iridescent) and jewelry parts.

© Silva Hayes

Artist Cindy Sbrissa donated two butterflies...

Her tiger face butterfly was inspired by a tattoo that she has on her ankle.

© Cindy Sbrissa
© Cindy Sbrissa

She also donated this butterfly made with stained glass, millefiori and acrylic doll eyes! Gotta get a bunch of those!

© Cindy Sbrissa

Artist Lori Frank donated these two butterflies made from stained glass.

© Lori Frank
© Lori Frank

Artist Maria Alvarez-Lundie donated this butterfly made with stained glass and mirror.

© Maria Alvarez-Lundie

Artist Chris Emmert donated this butterfly made with stained glass, mirror and sea shells.

© Chris Emmert

Artist Ilona Fried donated this darling butterfly titled "Buford Worries that He Clashes".

© Ilona Fried

And artist Ekaterina Chumachek sent this butterfly made with stained glass and tiny rhinestones all the way from Moscow City, Russia!

© Ekaterina Chumachek

My house is starting to look like a butterfly incubator. There are butterflies all over the place!

I definitely have my work cut out for me at this point. I'll be updating this blog with all of the artists' names and then I'll be cutting butterflies away from the mesh backing. (That's my least favorite part...did I mention that?)

Still more butterflies on the way!

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