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Follow the project from conception straight through to completion.

Butterfly Donations     (There are over 160 butterflies on the walls!)

  • View all butterfly donation posts here
  • Explore the artist map to see how far the butterflies have "flown" to get to Fort Myers!
View individual butterfly donation posts below:
  • Batch 1  (Eve Lynch, Robin Indar, Amy Woodward, Floy Height, Doreen Bell, Kathy McKenna,   Sherry Moon, Susie Turlington)
  • Batch 2  (Lynn Dubnicka, Katie Waller and friends, Eve Lynch)
  • Batch 3  (Cindy Buhrig)
  • Batch 4  (Eve Lynch, Susan Walden, Ilona Bryan)
  • Batch 5  (Jessey Lucas, Silva Hayes)
  • Batch 6  (Eve Lynch)
  • Batch 7  (Helen Schloss-Griffin)
  • Batch 8  (Dorothy Wallace, Emily Jobsz Hogan)
  • Batch 9  (Shirley Fralick)
  • Batch 10  (Lin Schorr, Sarah Campbell, Eulavon Mallouf, Michele Follger, Lisa Fields Clark)
  • Batch 11  (Cindy White, Amber Pierce, Debs McLaughlin, Ann Shaver)
  • Batch 12  (Sarah Kraum/Eve Lynch, Carla Dake, Kathleen Stewart)
  • Batch 13  (Linda Biggers)
  • Batch 14 (Jean Conner and friends, Silva Hayes, Cindy Sbrissa, Lori Frank, Maria Alvarez-Lundie, Chris Emmert, Ilona Fried, Ekaterina Chumachek)
  • Batch 15 (Suzanne Demeules, Helen Nock, Cecilia Kremer, Linda Smith, Lee Ann Petropoulos, Ree Maier)
  • Batch 16  (Yvonne Yaar, Julie Reeve, Britta Kuth)
  • Batch 17  (Wesley Wong, Roxanne DeMeyer)
  • Batch 18  (Cheri Bosela, Darlene Tsen, Jessica Sanders, Kate and Daisy Rattray, Deb Lewis and friends)
  • Batch 19  (Annette Simpson, Valerie Hornby, Eve Lynch)
  • Batch 20  (Leonidas Yennadiou, Fresca de Lorme, Stef Lach, Elsbeth Morselt)
  • Batch 21  (Danette Polglase)

How To - Making of the Butterflies 

Pre-Installation and Prep 

Installation Progress


Miscellaneous Butterfly News
  • August 24, 2011 - The Dragon-fly emerges, big happy alligator, Zombicon butterflies and Silva Hayes' butterfly installation
  • August 25, 2011 -  Happy Alligator is ready to install, News Press coverage of the mural

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