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Thank you for your interest in The Butterfly Project, a public art installation located at the Calusa Nature Center at 3450 Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers, FL.

I am glad that you would like to feature images of the collaborative project as part of your article or blog post. Please include the following attribution under any photos that you use: © 2011 Eve Lynch.

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Creative Commons LicensePlease also note that all of the artwork, images of artwork and blog posts are copyrighted by Eve Lynch and the prospective artists. The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

  • 90 artists donated mosaic butterflies for The Butterfly Project
  • There are over 160 mosaic butterflies included in the art installation
  • The donated butterflies came from all over the United States and from Canada, St. Lucia, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Cyprus and Russia.
  • The butterfly that traveled the farthest to be part of the art installation came from Australia and traveled almost 10,000 miles!


90 artists donated mosaic butterflies in order to make this project possible. Below is a listing of the participating artists:

U.S. Artists
  • Amber Pierce (California)
  • Amy Woodward (Missouri)
  • Ann Shaver (Pennsylvania)
  • Ann Winans (Indiana)
  • Anne Banton (Florida)
  • Annette Simpson (Ohio)
  • Beth Wiirre (Wisconsin)
  • Candace Frantz (Minnesota)
  • Carla Dake (Wisconsin)
  • Cecilia Kremer (Massachusetts)
  • Cherie Bosela (Florida)
  • Chris Emmert (Oregon)
  • Cindi Buhrig (Oregon)
  • Cindy Sbrissa (Florida)
  • Cindy White (Pennsylvania)
  • Coe Chamberlain (Florida)
  • Danette Polglase (MN)
  • Darcy Kane (Minnesota)
  • Darlene Tsen (Florida)
  • Dawn Bailey (Indiana)
  • Deb Lewis (Indiana)
  • Doreen Bell (Illinois)
  • Dorothy Wallace (Florida)
  • Eulavon Mallouf (Colorado)
  • Floy Height (Texas)
  • Fresca de Lorme (Vermont)
  • Gerry Taylor (Indiana)
  • Helen Schloss-Griffin (Virginia)
  • Ilona Fried (Colorado)
  • James/Sharon Olson (Minnesota)
  • Jana Urbaniak (Wisconsin)
  • Jean Conner (Wisconsin)
  • Jeni Cook (Indiana)
  • Jessey Lucas (Oregon)
  • Jessica Sanders (Texas)
  • Jessie Kuhlman (Wisconsin)
  • Julie Reeve (Minnesota)
  • Kari Johnson (Wisconsin)
  • Kathi Deeter (Indiana)
  • Kathleen McKenna (New Jersey)
  • Kathleen Stewart (Georgia)
  • Katie Waller (Florida)
  • Kristi/Kathryn Reimer (Wisconsin)
  • Lee Ann Petropoulos (Indiana)
  • Lin Schorr (Michigan)
  • Linda Biggers (New York)
  • Linda Smith (Florida)
  • Lisa Fields Clark (Nevada)
  • Lori Frank (Wisconsin)
  • Lori Geisler (Indiana)
  • Lynn Dubnicka (North Carolina)
  • Maria Alvarez-Lundie (Virginia)
  • Marie Cashion (Florida)
  • Michele Follger (Washington)
  • Michele Wilson (Indiana)
  • Paige Winans (Indiana)
  • Pat Spano (Florida)
  • Patricia Clark (Indiana)
  • Ree Maier (Connecticut)
  • Robin Indar (California)
  • Roxanne DeMeyer (Wisconsin)
  • Sarah Campbell (California)
  • Sarah Kraum (Florida)
  • Sharon Chitwood (Indiana)
  • Sherry Moon (Colorado)
  • Silva Hayes (Texas)
  • Stef Lach (Vermont)
  • Susan Turlington (Virginia)
  • Susan Walden (Georgia)
  • Suzanne Demeules (Minnesota)
  • Tracy Kiersztyn (Indiana)
  • Wesley Wong (California)
  • Yvonne Yaar (New Jersey)
International Artists
  • Britta Kuth (Germany)
  • Debs McLaughlin (St. Lucia)
  • Ekaterina Chumachek (Russia)
  • Elsbeth Morselt (Netherlands)
  • Emily Jobsz Hogan (Australia)
  • Helen Nock (England)
  • Ilona Bryan (England)
  • Kate & Daisy Rattray (England)
  • Leonidas Yennadiou (Cyprus)
  • Shirley Fralick (Canada)
  • Valerie Hornby (Canada)


You are free to use/share the following images (protected under the above Creative Commons license)

© The Butterfly Project

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The Butterfly Project © 2011 Eve Lynch

(above) This is a photo of the 3 foot glass mosaic alligator and mosaic butterfly cloud on the main wall at the Calusa Nature Center.

The butterflies that make up the cloud were donated by artists from all over the world. This wall includes artwork from throughout the United States, Russia, St. Lucia, Canada, England and Germany.

This portion of the art installation is sandwiched between the nature center's American Alligator enclosure and the Butterfly Aviary.

*There are 3 other walls that are covered with mosaic butterflies.

The Butterfly Project © 2011 Eve Lynch

(above) This photo shows a cross-section of the butterfly cloud on the main wall.

This wall includes artwork from throughout the United States, Russia, St. Lucia, Canada, England and Germany.

Please contact me for additional photos and information.


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