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July 2011

A little background 

The Calusa Nature Center is a private, not for profit, environmental education organization located in Fort Myers, Florida. The 105 acre site has a museum, nature trails, bird and butterfly aviaries and a planetarium.

My son has been volunteering as a Junior Naturalist at the center since the summer of 2010. He has volunteered more than 400 hours to date and his experiences there have been educational and  rewarding.

How the project came to life

In the spring of 2011, I installed an outdoor art gallery using donated mosaic artwork from over 20 artists at the J.H. Messina Children's Center, a Fort Myers day care facility. The experience left me with a desire to create more public art and I began to look for a similar opportunity at another location.

The Calusa Nature Center was a perfect fit.

In the summer of 2011, I put out a call to artists on Flickr, a social networking site for photographers and visual artists. I asked interested artists to create mosaic butterflies, a theme that fit the Calusa Nature Center well.

I chose the nature inspired theme because butterflies often symbolize transformation. I couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to all that the Calusa Nature Center offers the community than by transforming the space with a cloud of colorful butterflies!

I approached the Calusa Nature Center with a proposal and in mid-July I began working out the details of where the butterfly cloud would be installed with the staff.

The generous participating artists

90 artists from across the globe donated more than 160 butterfly mosaics on mesh for the project! I've had donations from as far away as Russia, Germany and Australia and from as close as Sanibel Island.

You can follow the progress of the installation from start to finish here.

Art Transforms

The entire public art installation was donated to the Calusa Nature Center for their visitors' enjoyment. I provided the installation materials, labor and several unique mosaic butterflies. The remainder of the butterflies were donated by the generous and talented artists listed in the right sidebar of this blog. The project would not have been successful without their contributions.

Please take some time to peruse their websites.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to have an similar installation created for your public space, please email me.

Eve Lynch
Kraken Mosaics - The Art of Eve Lynch

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