(5) Installation Day

August 16, 2011

It was a gloomy day today in south Florida. It drizzled and was overcast for the majority of the installation. The animals were sleepy too. Not much in the way of grunting, wing flapping or crowing.

Here are some progress photos from today...

I added butterflies to the bottom of the side wall and the two larger walls. You can really see the iridescence in the white glass that artist Cindy Buhrig used on her Swirly-fly.


I'm going to put the tiny filler flies up tomorrow using a piping bag filled with thinset. This wall and the other needs some small butterflies to fill in the spaces.

Sarah Kraum was in Fort Myers today so she stopped by the Calusa Nature Center to see her custom made Dumbo-fly!

© Sarah Kraum with her Dumbo-fly

I have about 10 butterflies to install tomorrow and then I'll be grouting. (Seems like I've been saying that for days!)

More information coming about the "Buy a Butterfly" program too. Stay tuned!


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