(6) Butterfly donations

July 26, 2011

Last night I finished up two more unusual butterflies for the project.

The first one (pictured below), a Winged Sasquatch, was inspired by one of my early Sasquatch artworks titled Peace, Love & Hairiness, completed in 2008.

He's about 4" wide and 5" tall, made with stained glass, millefiori slices and dichroic glass bubbles.

Winged Sasquatch © Eve Lynch

The second one (below) is a small glam rock butterfly inspired by my 80's rock days. (I once did an entire high heel like this!)

It's 5" wide and about 1.5" tall, made with opalescent pink & lime glass, millefiori slices and a dichroic glass bubble  - it positively shimmers when the light hits it!

Glam Rock butterfly © Eve Lynch

 Van Halen anyone?

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