(1) Butterfly Donations

July 20, 2011

Some of the mosaic butterflies have started arriving!

For ease of installation, the designs were all created on mosaic mesh. The tesserae is glued directly onto the mesh and then the completed mosaic is sandwiched between cardboard and shipped to me.

Here are some of the first to arrive..(the first one is mine.)

I created the alligator/butterfly combo in honor of my teenage son who volunteers at the Calusa Nature Center.

Gator-fly © Eve Lynch - Kraken Mosaics

Artist Robin Indar donated four butterflies created using iridescent tile, thrift store carnival glass and her handmade ceramic tiles.

© Robin Indar

Artist Amy Woodward donated four butterflies made using colorful venetian glass tile.

© Amy Woodward

Artist Floy Height donated three petite butterflies made from fused glass bits, millefiori and found objects. The fused glass bits were made by artist Teri Sokoloff of Frog Hollow Glass.

© Floy Height

© Floy Height

Artist Doreen Bell donated this iridescent purple butterfly made with stained glass, millefiori and an assortment of beads, rhinestones and glass shapes. (She loved creating this butterfly so much that she made four more that she will make garden gazing balls with.)

© Doreen Bell

Artist Kathleen McKenna donated four butterflies made with iridescent stained glass and recycled china. Her small blue butterfly shown at the top is made with tiny glass footprint tiles turned outward!

© Kathleen McKenna

Artist Sherry Moon (top image) donated a pretty purple butterfly made with mottled stained glass, beads and a sea shell body.

Artist Susie Turlington (bottom image) donated the bright orange butterfly with a fused glass body.

© Sherry Moon (top), Susie Barry-Turlington (bottom)


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